Fast and Fun: Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

Fast and Fun: Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

The Kent Super 20 36” Boys Bike is for the athletic young man that likes to get rugged when it’s time to ride! It features a full suspension dual welded frame and a downhill front suspension fork that should make controlling the route that much easier. The suspension system is adjustable by way of a knob near the rear. It’s sure to be a smooth journey with the seven speed gear system that’s on a twist grip which should make it simple to shift while tearing down the street. The multiple shock absorbers are a great addition and they make it effortless to get over the bumps in the road.

The quick release seat clamp should make it simple to adjust the height as your little rider grows. The nice foam seat is more than suitable for long rides. It should assemble quickly right out of the box–in 15 to 20 minutes depending on your skill with bicycles–to get your guy going right away. The red color is eye-catching and sure to please. The hardware is stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish that will resist rust and physical wear without any effort on your end. You won’t ever be too safe on the ride with those reliable linear pull brakes. You can count on this bike to be comfortable, safe and durable enough to last through constant use.

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike Frame

Bike Frame

Not only will your guy look good on his bike, but you can breathe easy knowing that the sturdy frame on this Kent Mountain Bike will be able to keep hold time and time again. The front and rear shock points will do a great job absorbing all the vibrations of bumps in the road. It’s got some weight to it, but a misstep doesn’t mean disaster: if your kid happens to fall down, he should be able to recover with no problem at all. There’s also a quick release seat clamp that allows you to adjust the seat height in seconds without issues.

Suspension System

The Kent Super 20 Boys Bike has a steel dual suspension system that provides the smoothest ride possible. If you ever need to adjust the suspension levels, you can do so quickly with the knob at the rear. There’s also a downhill front suspension fork to allow for even better handling on the rockiest of paths. It’s a no-brainer that control and stability should come first and the people at Kent have put a lot of hard work into the mechanics of this bike so you don’t have to worry for one second.

7 Speeds, Quick Shifting

No matter what terrain you’re riding on, it’s a breeze to switch gears with no problem on the Kent Super 20. There’s seven speeds set up on a twist grip, so your child won’t miss a beat while they go from smooth roads to rough rocks. The derailleurs work well with adjustment as necessary and will do a lot to support all kinds of riders. He shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack on a lengthy ride.


Kent Super 20 Boys Bike LengthOther Things to Note

At 36 pounds and 50 inches from wheel to wheel, you’ve got a substantial frame and suspension system that should keep any growing boy on the move. You should pay special attention to the assembly of the brakes to make sure they’re in proper working condition and make sure everything is tightened well before you let him hop on for the first test ride.


Closing Thoughts on the Kent Super 20

The Kent 20 Boys Bike is a great value for the price and you can expect it to withstand daily abuse and terrain change. It doesn’t have the build of a more expensive model, but the performance definitely won’t disappoint. This bike was designed to be customized as your guy grows to extend its life. If you’re having trouble getting certain parts of the bike aligned during the assembly process, you might want to head into your local bike shop for some assistance. One of the biggest downsides is its weight, but as your guy gets used to the workings of the bicycle, that should become less of a concern over time. If you’re looking to upgrade your little man’s old wheels to a bike he can take along on the next family outing, you can count on the Kent Super 20 to deliver.

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